360 Talk Episode: # 4...Roundtable? In the Works

Ok, here's the good news...Episode 3 will feature Sharpshot15 again! Bad news we probably won't have any cool guest host, so I was thinking, for our fourth episode, why not do something cool;...like a Roundtable disscussion about the XBOX 360 in general, It's strengths, weaknesses and oerall supossed odds against the PS3 and Revolution... If you want in, e-mail us @ 360talk@gmail.com or comment on this post.

We hope to Have gametalk's GLewis in the roundtable and although this has probably been done on another podcast we would also like to invite Foo Mo Jive of podtcaular.com to participate even though he may hate the 360...

well, there you go, E-Mail or comment! I'll cya later

-Phantom Gett (360 Talk Co-Host)


I think I'll be up and running very soon!!!

My PC is starting to work fine again. Let's hope it doesn't crash again. It is just taking me some time to get everything re-installed on my PC to be ready for 360 Talk Episode #3. I listened to episode #2 and I was upset that the show didn't sound as well as I had planned. I also purchased a new microphone and I will be ready to record episode #3 very soon.


Also, to keep yourself entertained, here are just a few of the other podcasts I am subcribed to and I think you should to listen to as well.

-Major Nelson Radio
-You're All Moders
-PS3 Countdown
-PSP Podcast
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360 Talk Episode #2

Hey everybody I know it isn't my place to say anything here...

But Phantom Gett wanted me to say that Episode 2 is ready. Seriously check it out, i know you are gonna love it.


Thats why I'll do a quick add-on here...

This episode was done Live in NY with my Buddy, Firebird. (He insisted) This was his first time, so, go easy on him. Don't worry, We ran out of content after the first 9 mins. and improvised after that...

Anyway, Sharpshot should be back in the podcasting saddle soon. We hope you like this (yet again) improvised show, and hope you stay subscribed. It will get better!

--Phantom Gett


360 Talk episode #2 is done!

OK, it's finally done. 360 Talk episode #2 was recorded last night with my friend. I just sent it to Spelchek so it should be on iTunes by monday night! check it and if you don't like it...it will get better since I was recording with a noob!


We are Recording Friday, Wheather you like it or not!

OK, heres the dilly, We, 360 Talk will be recording tonight! I have someone, not the original I had picked (Sniper Evo86) Instead I will be recording with one of my friends. Honestly, I could use like an Odeo Guide. I can record, but I don't know how to layer music and I don't know how to get it on the website so the RSS will pick it up. If anyone can help me out with Odeo and Audacity stuff, My skype is phantomgett !!! The help would be greatly apreciated!

Or just send the instructions to 360talk@gmail.com , phantomgett@gmail.com Thanks a lot!

Still having some problems...

My PC is still having some problems. I fixed it, downloaded everything I needed again, and then it crashed a second time. I am so pissed right now and I am using an old laptop right now that cant handle anything else other than Internet. Anyways our podcast should be recorded soon, but if I can't make it, we may have someone that can fill me in.

I apologize for the delay.


sharpshot15 on a little down time

My PC has crashed and I am trying to get it up and running before this weeks podcast. I should be ready to go soon, but if I'm not, we have some other guest's and co-hosts that have volunteered to assist during my time off the show.

360 Talk G-Mail...Should Work...

OK, Our podcast's G-mail, might not be working, but you can still sent stuff to our personal emails.


360 Talk Episode #2 Update

This weekend, Phantom and I will record and post 360 Talk Episode #2 for listening. Before we start recording, send us an email at 360talk@gmail.com for any questions or comments that you would like us to discuss during the show. Also if you would like to be a special guest on our show, just send us an email and we will set you up for a showtime.


In case you didn't know...

In case you already weren't informed, you can either email the entire 360 Talk cast at 360talk@gmail.com. Also, if you would like to send us an email to our own personal emails, feel free to email sharpshot15 at sharpshot323@hotmail.com and Phantom Gett at phantomgett@gmail.com.

Also check out a new video I found for Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter for the Xbox 360.

New Look

Thanks to Spelchek, we now have a new design for our website. Feel free to email us at 360talk@gmail.com and tell us what you think.

360 Talk Episode #1

360 Talk episode #1 is finished and ready to go. Feel free to download it directly of this website or through iTunes. We are currently working on a new website for 360 Talk and you will know for sure if we will pursue it or not.


360 Talk Podcast Episode #1 Coming Soon!

360 Talk episode #1 is has finished recording and is now being edited. We should have it ready by either today or tomorrow. Also, we are now on iTunes! Just search for "360 Talk Podcast" and then click subscribe. We also have links on our this website on the sidebar so you can subscribe to it through any other programs (Yahoo, Odeo, etc.) We now have a new email so if you have any questions, feel free to send an email to 360talk@gmail.com


360 Talk Podcast Intro

Thanks to G-Lewis, we have now uploaded our Xbox 360 Talk Intro Podcast. We also have it posted it on iTunes. If it doesn't show up yet, just wait a few hours or so since it is a new podcast and it takes a while to upload. Anyways I hope you enjoy this intro podcast and we will have Xbox 360 Talk Podcast #1 ready by this weekend If everything works out as expected.


Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Gameplay Video

Check out a video I found of the web for the new Ghost Recon game for the Xbox 360.


Delay in Podcast #1

(Photo Courtesy of Microsoft Xbox)

I'm not entirely sure, but I may not be able to join my co-hosts in our first podcast (if we even start recording today). I have a lot of work that I need to work on, but I might be able to buy some time and be able to record 360 Talk Episode #1. I'll just see what happens.

While your waiting, you may want to check out last weeks Xbox Live top 10. (Courtesy of majornelson.com)

1. Halo 2
2. Call of Duty 2
4. Perfect Dark Zero
5. PGR3
6. Need for Speed™ Most Wanted
7. Battlefield 2: MC
8. Madden NFL 06
9. Full Auto Demo
10. Marble Blast Ultra

(Xbox 360 Colony Video)


Welcome to 360 Talk

Hello and welcome to 360 Talk. An unofficial Xbox 360 podcast with your hosts sharpshot15 and Phantom Gett. We will try and make our first podcast sometime tomorrow.

(Check out Phantom Gett's Xbox 360!!!)

(He's also a little obsessed with Halo 2)

(Don't Feel Bad if your room is messy, just look at Phantom's)