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Hey guys check out this new site for hanging out with other gamers and such. You can also earn points to buy items with. http:www.xboxfaces.com you can sign up yourself or If you wanna sign up under me as a referral just leave me a message on here and Ill send you an invite.


Xbox Live Deals for October

October 5th

venture to ancient Persia and heal the world from the evil corruption in “Prince of Persia Epilogue” (Ubisoft).

October 12th

break out the popcorn as “HASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT” (Electronic Arts) is a bundle of family fun with cut backs on prices for each beloved favorite (BATTLESHIP, CONNECT 4, SCRABBLE, YAHTZEE, BOGGLE and SORRY! Sliders).

October 19th

“Resident Evil 5 Versus Mode” (Capcom) offers more bio hazardous challenges for less on

October 26th.

Play three exciting casino-style games set in the world of Albion at half-off with “Fable II Pub Games” (Microsoft Game Studios) on

The lineup for October’s Games on Demand

October 6:

“Call of Duty 3” (Activision)

“Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2” (Ubisoft)

October 13:

“Grand Theft Auto IV” (Rockstar Games)

October 20:

“Midnight Club Los Angeles” (Rockstar Games)

“Army of Two” (Electronic Arts)

“Sonic Unleashed” (SEGA)

October 27:

“Dead Space” (Electronic Arts)

“DiRT” (Codemasters)


Modern Warfare 2 Infamy Trailer

The war is back on American soil as Washington D.C is under attack.


Rock Band DLC Available: October 6

The Raconteurs Pack 01 (440 / $5.50)
  • "Many Shades of Black" (160 / $2)
  • "Salute Your Solution" (160 / $2)
  • "Steady, As She Goes" (160 / $2)
Electric Six Pack 01 (440 / $5.50)
  • "Dance Epidemic" (160 / $2)
  • "Gay Bar" (160 / $2)
  • "I Don't Like You" (160 / $2)
Individual songs (160 / $2 each)
  • Alanis Morissette -- "Head Over Feet"
  • Alanis Morissette -- "Ironic"
  • The Flobots -- "Handlebars"