A Very Special Guest host Is Coming to 360 Talk

I have arranged to have a very special guest host on an upcoming episode! In his email he sent me, he said he is haveing some problems with his skype lagging and will email me back when its fixed. If you havent heard of this person YOU SHOULD. He is become very popular among the Xbox Live Community. Well just thought I'd share that with you fans. ; )


Some Xbox Live Arcade Figures

Here are some sales figures for some Xbox live Arcade games as of July 21:

Astropop- 21,321
Cloning Clyde- 14,063
Crystal Quest- 29,557
Feeding Frenzy- 50,229
Geometry Wars- 188,428
Joust- 45,010
Marble Blast Ultra- 107,886
Mutant Storm Reloaded- 38,726
Robotron 2084- 22,887
Smash TV- 78,790
Uno- 143,223
Wik Fable of Souls- 15,591
Zuma- 70,264



360 Talk Episode #13

Download Episode 13 Now

Episode 13 of 360 Talk: The Unofficial Xbox 360 Podcast. Your hosts this week are, Phantom Gett, DarthBALLZ45, PODCrypto, and Painkilla05. It was a kinda off-topic episode and I had to do some beeping and A LOT of editing. So you'll have to excuse any audio screwups...Enjoy! Cover-Art is "borrowed" from ChromeHounds.com


Spread the Word and other stuff

Hello faithful 360 Talk listeners. We are starting to gain some more listeners again! But we want more!!! Please spread the word about 360 Talk in any way you can. Also, don't forget that you can submit anything to our email at 360talk@gmail.com. Whatever you guys send will most likely be read on the show. Don't forget to vist our forums and sign up to be a guest host there. If you sign up then you are guaranteed to be on an upcoming episode. All the links you need to contact us and to vistit the forums are located on the right side of the site. Thanks a bunch for your continued support.

360 Talk Episode 13 Recorded

This was our second try at this episode with some revised show notes and another guest host. Unfortunaly, MOKEYBOY was unable to make this episode so we had the one and only PainKilla05 with us to fill his place. We also had POD Crypto in as a guest host. This episode wasn't to long amd should be out on iTunes sometime soon.


Goodbye Everyone

If you haven't heard yet, I have permanently left 360 Talk and DARTHBALLZ45 and MOKEYBOY will be taking my spot from now on. Im sorry if any of you wanted me to stay, but I just dont have time anymore. I felt it was necessary to let everyone know from me instead of from someone else.

360 Talk Episode 13 Delay

We tried to record this episode tonight but we came to an agreement that we were just going to scrap the episode and record it tomorrow. We just had some really long news segments and we went off-topic for about 20 minuets talking about Halo. We are going to re-record episode 13 tomorrow with some revised notes to make the show better. Sorry for the delay.



Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays

Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays

Party all summer long with Xbox Live® Arcade Wednesdays! We're kicking off a blockbuster summer schedule of eagerly anticipated Arcade titles. If you're looking for a blast from the past, download new Arcade games from Xbox Live Marketplace every Wednesday.

All these games have been enhanced and reinvigorated for Xbox 360™ and they all feature new, enhanced artwork that matches and complements the original style. To date, Xbox 360 gamers have downloaded more than five million Xbox Live Arcade games and the release schedule continues to sizzle all summer long, with the following titles arriving on Xbox Live Arcade: Frogger®: With fast-paced, addictive gameplay, this classic has new two-player Co-op and Versus modes.
Cloning Clyde: This action puzzle game from Wahoo Studios and NinjaBee features a wacky, classic animation-style world.
Galaga: The popular space shooter, first released back in 1981, comes packed with multiplayer modes and enhanced graphics.
II Street Fighter® II’ Hyper Fighting: The best of classic arcade gaming goes online for the greatest Street Fighter experience to date.
Pac-Man: The granddaddy of them all, this is the fruit-eating maze game that changed the face of gaming upon its release in 1980.

You can download a free demo version of any Xbox Live Arcade game from Marketplace, so try one of these classic arcade titles today.

Xbox.com will even help you throw an eighties party to celebrate Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays! Grab a retro party-in-a-box complete with Microsoft Points Cards good for free arcade title downloads, pizza coupons courtesy of Papa John’s, and a gift card for eighties music, all courtesy of Xbox.com.



Phantom Gett On Podtacular

Hey everyone, To listen to your favorite co-host on another podcast tune into Podtacular - The Unofficial Halo Universe Podcast and listen to Episodes 54 and 72 when the latter comes out!

Podtacular is awesome!


360 Talk Episode #12 (Link Edit)


360 Talk Episode #12 is finally finished with your hosts Phantom Gett and DARTHBALLZ45, with your special guest host Freak In a Box. (Host of Pod TV) This show was completely improvised because the show notes were deleted, but decided to record anyways. We hope you enjoy it!


Episode 12 Has Been Edited (Edit Post)

We just finished recording 360 talk episode 12 with me, Phantom, and our very special guest host freakinabox better known as the creator/star of Pod TV. This episode was competly improvised because Phantoms show notes got deleted so we made up the show with about 5 minutes of planning. We talked about some gaming news, the new forums, Pod TV. We also had a wierd voice mail from a new listener. Hope you guys enjoy!

EDIT Episode 12 has been Edited and should be up sometime soon!


Drunk Microsoft rep Leaks info on Portable Xbox

About a month ago, Microsoft explicitly shot down all rumors of the Xbox platform getting a handheld brother anywhere soon. As is the thing with this kind of rumors though, they are persistent like a virus that you just can’t get rid off. And now a drunk Microsoft representative apparently leaked more info than he should have during a session with some strong bottles of French wine.

According to the article, conveniently Babelfished here if your French, like mine, is about as good as the average person’s ability to fly at will, ATi is already busy building the portable graphics chip and all the contracts with them have been finalized. This could be considered a surprise after another recent bunch of rumors that archrival NVIDIA was discussing building a portable game console with “a major player in the video games industry”. At the end of the discussion the MS rep had some troubles articulating apparently, but he was still quoted as saying the fabled portable Xbox should hit the markets before the end of 2007.

So, you’re all up to date with all the rumors now. MS denies, but ofcourse we all suspect/know there’s a team working on it secretly since the reorganization. Or is that the xPod team after all? Does anyone still understand anything of this? Guess we’ll just have to wait for official announcements, or get one of the real head honchos at Xbox drunk ourselves.

A photoshopped fan design.



Call of Duty 3 Gameplay Video

This game is looking really sweet!

Video from gamevideos.com


New 360 Talk Forums!

The new and improved 360 Talk forums are now up! Join them now! Click here to join


Sweet 360 Talk UserBars

These are some freakin SWEET 360 Talk userbars made by PODCrypto. Add em to your forum signatures! MOKEYBOY's got messed up and I'll fix it later though. Apologies to him.

EDIT: Added the rest of the userbars.

Check Out Halo Live Wire!

Just posting about a pretty cool podcast err I mean vidcast hosted by Juice57 and MadGex. Here is episode six. It's a video...Cool!


Public Service Announcement #2

This is a short audio segement about why I am not going to be on 360 Talk or any other podcasts for a few months.


Note: This is also available on iTunes.


I'ma Coming Back!

Here is my news...

The Podcast is not dead, Mokeyboy, and DarthBALLZ45 will be filling in for Kynitekia and Sharpshot, I am NOT Dead! I am NOT leaving the show as well and I WILL be back at the latest by Saturday the 8th!

Be Prepared for an ep either monday, or sunday! With all your new hosts!

I'm coming! Soon. I have a few days of fishing to go...Then I'll be on my way home!

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I'll cya later! 360 Talk is like a zombie right now! It'll be alive soon!