My interview

I am going to post my interview with the Xbox Live Arcade Manager Aaron Greenberg when i get the email. I hope you all will enjoy it.



Possible Xbox 360 HD-DVD Interface

Read this article and tell me what you think about this-

Those wacky folks over at Gamerscoreblog.com, like the rest of the gaming community by now, have heard Major Nelson’s latest podcast which revealed more information about the HD-DVD add-on drive. Those sneaky devils also managed to procure the first ever tentative photos of the possible, not final interface (see a theme starting to emerge here, folks?).

Apparently, you’ll be able to toggle between the two drives by pressing the up or down button while the “play DVD” option is selected. The options you’ll be able to choose from are “Play DVD,” “Play HDDVD,” “Open Disc Tray,” and finally, “Open HDDVD Disc Tray.”



Lumines Live Screens and Video

I found some screens and one gameplay video of the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title, Lumines Live. Enjoy!

Read the Full article HERE . Courtesy of IGN.com & Gamevideos.com

Mygamercard.net has a new look.

The best site for gamercards and gamerscore leaderboards got a makeover aboaut a week ago. Morgon did a very great job on the new site. check it out HERE

This is one of my favorite new features-Full mode

As you can see it tells you when I was last online and what I was doing.

Here uis the H20 Card with Diamond option:

This is the Recessed Theme with a wood option:

Be sure to Check out the new site!


Somthing In The Works

Hey gang! Kynitekia here. I know I'm no longer a "host" of the cast, but that's only because I've retired from podcasting...mostly. Just wanted to let all you avid subscribers know that I will be doing a guest appearance on a near future episode of 360 Talk and a couple of other casts! So keep an eye out. Be sure to also check out www.watching-grass-grow.com. It may sound lame but its actually really cool and slightly addicting. I post on their wall alot there so thats probably the best way to track me down. Catch yall later!