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If you enjoy hearing about the latest information regarding the newest technology, this may be the show for you. With your hosts Dante and Kynitekia, they will provide you with all the knowledge you need to know about the latest technology. They do not currently have a site yet, but feel free to check out their show on iTunes; just simply search for "Generally Electronics" on iTunes, Odeo, or whatever podcast reader you use.


360 Talk Forum Under Construction...

Hey guys!!! I am currently working on a forum for the 360 Talk Podcast. Feel free to check it out if you would like to

Note: Still under construction and some things have not been added yet.

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the Xbox 360 is going to start it's college tour! (IGN.com)

Xbox 360 Starts College Tour
Spend quality time with Microsoft’s new box.
by David Adams
March 24, 2006 – If you’re like most of us, you don’t yet have an Xbox 360. And if you’re like most of us, you want one. While deprived retailers or a deprived wallet may keep you from planting one of Microsoft’s new consoles in your living room, this year’s Game Live on Xbox College Tour offers a chance to play regardless.

Presented by Best Buy, Mountain Dew, and IGN, the tour will hit 25 schools and offer unlimited play time with a healthy roster Xbox 360 and Xbox titles. Those with special skills can also compete in Fight Night Round 3, Halo 2, and Burnout Revenge tournaments.

Playable games include The Godfather, Project Gotham Racing, Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo: Elements of Power, Halo 2, Black, Burnout Revenge, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, Arena Football, MVP Baseball 06, NCAA Baseball, Fight Night Round 3, 2006 FIFA World Cup, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, NBA Ballers Phenom, MLB Slugfest 2006, America’s Army: Special Forces, 50 Cent: Bulletproof, FlatOut 2 and SWAT 4, and Top Spin 2.

The tour begins March 22 at the University of Arizona. Other schools on the itinerary include: Penn State, Temple, Oklahoma State University, Miami of Ohio, University of New Mexico, University of North Carolina, Michigan State and the University of Alabama. For the full schedule and more details, check out the official site.

Check out the story as it develops here at http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/698/698357p1.html

Here is our first news post, (This will appear in our next show by the way)

---Phantom Gett--- Courtesy of IGN.com

360 Talk Episode #6

360 Talk Episode #6 is finally finished after hours of editing. We didn't have a guest host on this episode, but managed to have a show that is still about the same length as previous episodes. If you would like to contact us, send us an email at 360talk@gmail.com


Show Notes


Staying Updated...

I apologize for not keeping this site up to date. I will try my best to add the latest news and anything else game related to the site. Episode #6 has been recorded and has also finished being edited. I will have it posted in a few hours.


Episode #6 Recorded

Episode #6 is finally recorded and is now being edited. We have a few reviews and emails that we will be reading on this episode and it should be up on your podcast directory (iTunes, Odeo, etc.) some time this weekend.

Stay Subscribed!!!



Get Involved With 360 Talk!

Hello Everyone,

If you enjoy the podcast that Sharpshot15, Spelchek and I put out, and you would like to maybe be on the show someday, send us a message, and we'll see if we can fit you in sometime! We would love it if you would also GET INVOLVED and send us some of your centent in the form of mail or MP3s! We would love to put some of your content on the show, as well as any reviews you may have done for us!

We would love it if you'd drop us a line and just tell us if you love us or hate us! We want to be a more social podcast who actually listens to it's listeners and gets them involved with the cast! Send us some suggestions if you feel it!

We hope you take this to heart and send us some content and enjoy the cast!

Sorry to be repeptitive~!

---Phantom Gett---


360 Talk Episode #5

360 Talk Episode #5 finally finished with your guest host Danl (the man responsible for the music for podtacular). If you would like to be a guest host for our next episode, send us an email to 360talk@gmail.com and we will try and fit you in.


Show Notes


360 Talk Episode #4 Roundtable

The fix-up version of episode #4 is now available. If you for some reason get duplicate copies of this episode, erase the copy of episode #4 already on your podcast directory, unsubscribe to the podcast, and then resubscribe. Anyways, this is the episode that I was not a part of, but I did add a little extra to the end explaining why I wasn't on this episode. This roundtable consists of Phantom Gett, Sniper Evo86, G-Lewis, Samanator, and Gemini Ace.


2 Episodes Coming Soon!!!

Episode #4 and #4.5 will most likely be ready for listening sometime this evening... just stay patient and you will have 2 episodes to enjoy.



A 2 for 1 Deal!!!

The fix up of Episode #4 will be out tomorrow with another episode for your viewing pleasure as well!!! Phantom and I will be recording episode #4.5, which will be a quick 15 minute or so episode that will discuss why I wasn't on episode #4 and get into some more news.

Thank you for your patience.


Problem Fixed

The problem is fixed and it will be up sometime tonight or tomorrow.



360 Talk Episode #4 Fix-Up

I listened to the podcast and noticed a few minor audio issues with the speaker setup. I have to make it play in both speakers, and not just one person on one side, and everyone else on the other. I'm going to fix this problem and then repost it.

Please be patient



Why I'm Not on Episode #4

Just so you know, I will not be on episode #4 roundtable. I was ready to record but for some reason, my modem starting having problems and wouldn't start working again until this morning. I will definitely make sure that this issue doesn't occur again and I apologize Phantom for not being on.


Episode 4 has been Recorded!

Well, Episode 4 has been recorded with GLewis, Samanator, Gemini Ace and Sniper Evo86!

You will get a look at it sometime soon I hope, Right now I say, HotRecorder rules! It freakin recorded the whole show, and it sounds ok, It just might be a little plain...

-Phantom Gett, Hopeing you enjoy it!


360 Talk Episode 4 Roundtable IS OFFICIALLY POST-Poned

OK, Here's the deal,

We will be recording 360 Talk Episode 4 Tomorrow because I cannot buy HotRecorder and it will be HELL RECORDING 5 PEOPLE WITH AUDACITY

Make sure you are are there maybe a little earlier! It will be useful, sorry for the late post everyone, but you know, I had some stuff to take care of!

-Phantom Gett


Minor Lag in Episode #3

I apologize for any minor lag or overlapping of some people's conversations. RvB M Caboose lagged out towards the end and it cause some minor problems in the last few minutes of the episode. But besides that, enjoy the episode and #4 should be out sometime next week.



Some Minor Problems... (And a HUGE THX to Spelchek)

We now have a new feed for the podcasts and you may notice a few problems for a few hours (such as duplicate copies, loss of podcasts on iTunes directory, etc). Spelchek has done a remarkable job at helping us out and we couldn't thank you enough. Anyways feel free to listen to 360 Talk Episode #3 and send us an email at 360talk@gmail.com


As sharpshot15 has already talked about the peoblems, I would like to offer my thanks to Spelchek for his continued help, that he's been giving us. YOU'RE THE BEST MAN! I just wanted to publicly say thanks for EVERYTHING! We're glad you can and are helping us, beacuse we're podcasting n00bs for the most part and WE BOTH really appreciate what your doing for us!

Go Check out Spelchek's show at http://electricponyshow.com Also, send stuff to his show at show@electricponyshow.com

--Phantom Gett

360 Talk Episode #3


This week, we did it up Big with not two but FOUR hosts! Your Hosts this week are, Sharpshot15 & Phantom Gett + Guest hosts, RvB M CaBo0sE and Sniper Evo86! Normal 360 Stuff besides that, also Caboose brings his own podcasting (bad) habits to the table.

Word up to the homie gee's that host our show, ODEO.COM!


Episode #3 Recording = Done!!!

Episode #3 is recorded and is now being edited. This is a much better episode than #2 and my new mic has much better quality. In this episode we have 2 special guests with us on this show: RvB M Caboose and Sniper Evo86. This episode is around 48 minutes or so and I hope you enjoy it once we have it posted sometime in the next few days.



Problem Fixed

The error I found was supposedly correct and the iTunes bug is finally fixed. All of our podcasts are now back up on iTunes and pretty soon episode #3 will be listed.


iTunes Problem Should be Fixed Soon!

I think I found the problem to why the Intro Podcast and episode #1 were no longer posted on iTunes. Just wait it out for a few hours or so and the problem should be fixed.


Back and Ready to Go!!!!

Despite my lack of sleep, I am finally ready for recording episode #3 tomorrow. My PC is working great and I am downloading the last of the applications I need to get back to where I was before my computer crashed. I've talked to Phantom briefly and I think he said we will have some guests hosts for our upcoming episode. Stay subscribed and we will have episode #3 hopefully up and ready by early Saturday morning. Also, I think our previous episodes besides episode #2 have supposedly not been apearing on iTunes. I am not sure why, but if anyone has an idea what the problem may be, leave a comment on this post or email us at 360talk@gmail.com

Thank you for your patience.