Guess Who's Back...

It's ME!!!

I'm Back From Vacation and I'm ready to get right into it!

There will be a new episode out early as Friday, I'm editing the notes as soon as I'm done typing this. Anyway, The Good News is THAT I AM BACK!

So lolz...Anyone Glad?...Didn't Think so. I was on Vacation, The Internet at the hotel was CRAP. Anyway, I'm glad to be back. My 360 is up and running and so is my computer.

I'm Back in Blizzack!

~Phantom Gett


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360 Talk Episode #8

We apologize for the delay, but episode #8 is finally ready with your guest hosts Kynitekia and Tollboothwilley. Phantom Gett was at a LAN party, so he couldn't join us for this episode.

Check out the Forums!!!

The forums are still a work in progress, but take a look at it and see if you like it.


360 Talk Episode #8 Delayed

Our normal podcast hosting site is down for maitence and we will have to delay the show for a few days. If you are desperate to get the show now, skype me at sharpshot1356, or email us and I will send it to you as an attachment.


Episode #8 Recorded

After a few hours of editing, episode #8 is finished and will be on iTunes in a few hours. This show is worth the wait, and make sure to listen to the end of the show.




A New Addition to 360 Talk!

Send us your Layouts, Like TV Space, where you play, Pictures would be cool too! We might even use the pics for our show art! Your Own TV Layout on a Podcast!?

Send us pics at 360talk@gmail.com and who knows...We Might Use 'em! Plus it'll be cool to show everyone how rich you are!


-Phantom Gett


Have SUM FUN!!!


If you're reading this, you most likely have eyes...

And, You've probably haerd our podcast...WE'RE PIMPIN'! We keep getting better...Each time we do a cast, we make it a little better. New Music, better co-hosts...

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Peace Everyone

--Phantom Gett

(Typed from my local Apple Store)


360 Talk Episode #7

We apologize for the delay, but Episode #7 is now complete and with two guest hosts: DARTHBALLZ45 and metallicgrunt. In this show we have news, reviews, and your emails.



Episode #7 Recorded

Episode #7 has been recorded and should be out either today or sometime tomorrow. This show is slightly over an hour long and keep subscribed and stay patient because this episode will be ready soon enough.