Two New Games Coming to the XBLA

The ever popular classics Pac-Man and Galaga will be coming to the Xbox Live Arcade! For the Full story go hereand here.

Here is an acheivement list for Pac Man

Perfect - 30 G - Eat all ghosts four times within a stage.
Clear Round 21 - 40 G - See title.
All Ghosts - 10 G - Eat all ghosts in succession after eating a Power Pellet.
Clear Round 5 - 15 G - Beat the first five rounds.
Key - 25 G - Eat the Key that appears after eating a set number of Pac-Dots after Round 13.
Bell - 20 G - Ditto, but with a Bell, Round 11 or 12.
Galboss - 15 G - Ditto, Round 9 or 10.
Melon - 15 G - Ditto, Round 7 or 8.
Orange - 10 G - Ditto, Round 3 or 4.
Cherry - 5 G - Ditto, Round 1.
Strawberry - 5 G - Ditto, Round 2.
Apple - 10 G - Ditto, round 5 or 6.

And here is the list for Galaga

Stingray - 25 G - Find the Stingray during battle.
Scorpion - 15 G - Find the Scorpion during battle.
Dual Fighter - 5 G - Form the double ship, if you can discover the clandestine method.
Enemy Fighter - 5 G - Shoot down a red captured Fighter.
Perfect Bonus - 15 G - Shoot down all enemies in a Challenging Stage.
Dragonfly - 10 G - Find the Dragonfly during battle.
Mosquito - 20 G - Find the Mosquito during battle.
Galboss - 30 G - Find the Galboss during battle.
Blue Spaceship - 30 G - Find the Blue Spaceship during battle.
Stage 10 - 5 G - Play up to Stage 10.
Stage 20 - 10 G - Get to Stage 20.
Stage 30 - 30 G - Take a guess.


Halo Movie Supposedly Delayed?!?!?

Here is a little more info on the Halo moivefrom Xboxic.com

Master Chief won’t make it onto the silver screen next summer. The movie adaptation of the game has been pushed back at least a year according to popular movie site IMDb. The ‘good’ news is that the movie will still be produced by Peter Jackson (not directed) and the script for the movie is done and approved by Bungie. Let’s just hope they’ll do this movie right and don’t rape it like Uwe Boll does with his movies.

The directorless film adaptation of Microsoft’s popular video game will be executive produced by triple-Academy Award winners Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh via their WingNut Films banner. The Halo script was penned by Alex Garland (28 Days Later), who was paid $1 million by Microsoft to write a script that met Bungie’s approval.

With the third installment in the game series rumored to be connected with the silver screen adaptation, could the delay of the movie affect the release of Halo 3 or are they both planned to arrive in winter 2007/2008? According to Bungie, Halo 3 and the Halo movie will not affect each other in terms of release dates.


PS3 "Live Arcade"

Here's a little story from IGN about the PS3 stealing more S**T from the 360.......Again.

According to a job posting on CraigsList today That Game Company is looking for "a superstar engineer with a strong graphics background to develop an unannounced downloadable title for the PlayStation 3 launch in November."

IGN contacted That Game Company's developer and president Kellee Santiago who revealed that the game is for a service which will offer downloadable casual games, likely similar to Xbox Live Arcade, and will be available for download on the PlayStation 3's launch day. She went on to say the game would be a port of That Game Company's admittedly addictive, bright blue, and currently free web game flOw.

This would mean that Sony is planning to compete with the wildly popular Xbox Live Arcade with its own downloadable games.

IGN called Ryan Bowling head of Public Relations at Sony who could only say that this game and any plans for the PS3's online functionality are unannounced.


Mokeyboy Has Achieved Greatness!

MokeyBoy's Layout!
Originally uploaded by Phantom Gett.
Hey guys, Take a look at Mokeyboy's layout of his 360 and GINORMIC TV! Holy Crap! Kudos for the Awesoem TIVO MAN!

Send your onw layouts to 360talk@gmail.com and ecah week, we'll post another up on the blog or use the photo as album art on our weekly shows!

Peace guys! Enjoy the Layout

-Phantom Gett and Mokeyboy (His Layout)


360 Talk Episode #10 Recorded!

Hey guys! Episode #10 has been recorded. This is the special "Post E3 Edition" and we will also read whatever voicemails you have sent us. Expect this show to be finished sometime this weekend.

The 360 Dashboard Update Set For Next Week!.......Seriously!!

YAY!Heres the story from IGN:
- Ever since the November 22, 2005 Xbox 360 launch, gamers have been exposed to Microsoft's slick, bladed interface, Xbox Live Arcade, Marketplace, and the actual gameplay functionality of Xbox Live itself. The top-down subscription network will see a big update next week when Microsoft deploys a huge new upgrade, enhancing dozens of sections to the interface to make it easier to use, faster, and more functional.

As part of Microsoft's plans to constantly grow and improve Xbox Live and the thriving economy it's created, the company will update the system twice a year, in spring and fall. Next week's deployment (Microsoft wouldn't pinpoint an exact day) will be its first big spring cleaning, which will affect three major areas of the system, Xbox Live Marketplace, Media, and general usability. In other words, based on user feedback, criticism, and input, Microsoft's 70-person development team fixed a bunch of things and made user functionality smarter and faster. The automatic update will take place when you connect to Xbox Live and takes approximately one minute to download.

In the Marketplace, gamers will now find new categories for downloads. So, if you want to differentiate a movie from a game download, it's now easier. Download sections are clearer: you'll find games, media and entertainment, demos and game videos, and themes and game pictures categories, as opposed to one section for downloads and then a confused search thereafter.

Also under the marketplace menu, you'll also find a new menu link called Active Downloads. Guess what that means? You'll be able to queue up to six different, be they movies, game demos, or themes. The download feature is niftier than that. You can have six downloads queued up and play a full retail or Xbox Live Arcade game simultaneously without interruptions or slowdown, according to Microsoft. You also can prioritize the order in which you download the items mid-stream, if you want to. Finally, if you want to play a multiplayer game, the downloads will automatically stop and pick up when you finish playing online. Nifty.

New functionality has been added to movie and game trailers, too. Once you've downloaded a flick, you can get to the actual movie one step quicker, since Microsoft eliminated a menu in the process. You can now go straight to watch the movie and control it with fast forward, review, pause, stop, and play options with the 360 or the universal remote controller. We watched the Halo 3 trailer being downloaded, played, fast-forwarded, etc. Microsoft also added bookmarking functionality to movie playback -- though that functionality is always on, requiring players to manually turn it off.

Xbox Live Arcade games will be better organized. When you go to download a game, a new header, Newly Released Downloads, enables you to see the most recently released available games. You can also search by choosing an "All" category, or by selecting Arcade Game by Genre (which is more familiar). Once a game is downloaded, you can go directly to the game to play, as Microsoft has again eliminated a step to get you to play that game faster. That's important because previously, the game was often a little hard to find once it had been downloaded.

Changes to the Media section might send little shivers of relief up your spine. Music is now seamlessly integrated into your desktop to such a degree that you can now play the music of your choice while playing a game with fiddling around. Microsoft demoed the functionality to us by using a CD with the song "Big Pimpin'" and playing Geometry Wars Evolved simultaneously. HAWT. Basically, your choice of music overrides the in-game music. You can also choose to have your music override movie or game trailer music, too.

The new update has many built-in uses for the upcoming USB Camera, due to ship this September. The first game to use the camera is the Xbox Live arcade game UNO, but Ubisoft's Rainbow Six: Vegas enables players to map their face onto an in-game character (like Neversoft first did with Tony Hawk's Underground). World Series Poker also uses the camera and several additional Xbox Live Arcade games will use the camera. Microsoft stressed other notable games will make use of the camera, though it wouldn't reveal which ones. We'll just settle on speculating that perhaps Gears of War, Mass Effect, Too Human, Forza 2, and maybe even Viva Pinata will possibly use it.

Finally, and most importantly, Microsoft fixed the start-up functionality. Now, if you have left a disc in the system and boot it up, there's an option to go straight to the main desktop, as opposed to automatically (and frustratingly) launching the inserted game. You won't have to stop the game, and then switch to the desktop.

Next week's spring update is filled with dozens more additions, such as the ability to see the battery charge level of a backward compatible game on the Guide blade, easier to find themes, and more.


A 360 Dashboard update finally!?!?!?!

Everybody wants one, but no one knows when its comin'. A friggin dashboard update for the Xbox 360. It was supposed to come out yesterday! Well whenever it comes (hopefully very, very soon) it will fix all the little things we gamers don't really like about the dashboard. Here is the full story courtesy of IGN:

Microsoft's Xbox Live service is due for repairs, said a post on the Xbox message board today.

The user went hunting through Microsoft's support Web site today and uncovered several links to planned updates. The updates include active downloads, which will allow you to play games, watch movies or hang out on the dashboard while you download content. Gone are the days of staring at the progress bar inching to the right of your screen.

Also, probably due to the requests of 360 users everywhere, the 360 will now have an option to boot directly to the dashboard, even if a game or movie is already in the console. Reportedly, you can toggle this option on or off, which is a small yet welcome change.

MS also has plans to update DVD playback but the post does not go into detail on future change. We are going to go ahead and assume that you will still be able to play DVD movies.

These changes were slated to be released for download May 23 but no patch or update has been released. We can only assume that a patch will be released this summer. MS isn't ready to shed light on the subject, however. The links to the support pages have been taken down and no one was available for comment at press time.

Public Service Announcement

Hey guys, spelchek here with a quick add-in, and as you can see the template has been fixed :)

That's all I've got, here's Phantom Gett with a Public Service Announcement.

Click Here for the PSA MP3

ttfn, tata for now


More Halo 3 News!

Hey Everyone! I found some awesome news on the development of the Halo 3 multiplayer. It's up and running but only for those lucky b@$ta*** at Bungie. Here's the full story from IGN:

According to a recent post on Bungie's weekly update, a test version of Halo 3's multiplayer modes is already being played. The post stated, "Lars, one of the new(er) multiplayer designers, has a regular multiplayer test in session now - that happens every day - and with surprisingly polished-looking graphics, although I'm told a lot of the textures and decorator objects are just placeholder at the moment. Could have fooled me." That was posted by Frankie, community manager over at Bungie.

This leads us to believe that Halo 3 is in fact much further along than Microsoft let on at E3. Frankie went on to say, "The multiplayer test lab is still packed full of old-school 4:3 480i NTSC TV sets, which tells you two things. One is that we're making sure this game looks awesome on non HD sets, and two, that there is always a crazy rush to get to the sets that are HD during those sessions."

It's certainly good news for the many Halo 3 fans out there, and even better for those without HDTV sets. More as it happens.


Also,if you didn't know, there is some Halo 3 marketplace content that has been up. It consists of three things- The infamous Halo3 Announcement trailer-free,Halo 3 picture pack- 80 micorsoft pts.,and a Halo 3 theme (very cool,i bought it) 150 microsoft pts.

360 Talk Apologizes!

Hey everybody...Sorry about being slow. I just wanted to say that we hope you keep listening and we're sorry for not putting out an episode for a while. I'm about to do a PSA (Public Service Announcement...anyone who watches RvB should know about this)

Anyway, I just hope you can forgive us for not putting out our roundtabe and I hope you guys keep subscribed...you'll here most of this in my PSA coming soon!

-Phantom Gett


360 Talk Desktop Background

For all of our listeners that would like a 360 Talk Podcast Desktop background for their computer, we now have one.

Click here to check it out

(Right click the picture and and select "set at background")

Xbox Live Top 10

1. Halo 2
2. Call of Duty 2
3. Ghost Recon 3
4. Oblivion
5. Battlefield 2: MC
6. UNO
7. MotoGP 06 Demo
8. Final Fantasy XI
9. EA SPORTS™ Fight Night Round 3
10. Lost Planet Demo

(Courtesy of majornelson.com)

Halo 2 is still #1!


New Gamercards!?!?!

Hey guys...Take a look at what MyGamerCard.Net has done with the gamer cards!

This is still standard...

This is the Mini...(Standard)

This is Micro (Still Standard)

This is Signature Sized

Here's the kicker...Here are the New Gamercard Formats!

This is Marble

This is Gel!

These are all the gamercard formats! Seriously! You can put them anywhere! They look sweeter than before! They have never been easier or better looking! Go check this out NOW!

-Phantom Gett


Episode 10 Roundtable Is Rescheduled! (UPDATE)

Because of some conflicts, the Roundtable has been rescheduled to 7:00 PM EST!

This is the best time to accomodate everyone's schedule. Here is the link to the Roundtable Skype Cast

That is for People invited. The roundtable will include no more then 6 Guests due to the fact that the episode will be WAY too long and it will be impossible to ask basic questions without getting insane amouts of feedback from everyone at once.

The List as of Now is...

1. Liquilife (SeaTag.com)
2. Anjo Banjo (SeaTag.com)
3. GLewis (GameTalk)
4. Mokeyboy (360 Pwnage)
5. Raven1090
6. JVB (Xbox Circle)
7. Polychronopolus
8. Samanator (CC9 Media.com)
9. Gemini Ace (GameTalk)
10. RvB M CaBo0se (You're All Modders)

This is the current list. Plus Sniper Evo86 may be there again. We'll see what happens.

Edit: The Show is now schelduled to be May 19th at 7:00 p.m. EST. If you are not able to join us because of the time change. Please email us at 360talk@gmail.com.

I'm sorry about all the weird stuff and I hope most of you can still make it! There will be a short description of what to expect when you come.

This Roundtable will be down differently than most gamer podcasts... Here's what'll happen. The Hosts will ask questions of the guests and then whoever's ready first will answer then we will go "around the table" so to speak untill everyone is finished. Then after all the prepared questions have been asked...The Guests may ask questions of the hosts and the hosts may ask any questions they may have that anyone may want to know.

Thats all for now! We'll see you all soon I hope!


-Phantom Gett

We will have about 6-10 people on this show and It will be much better than our last roundtable back at episode #4

Xbox Live Top 10

1. Halo 2
2. Call of Duty 2
3. Oblivion
4. Ghost Recon 3
5 Battlefield 2: MC
6. Test Drive Unlimited Demo
7. Final Fantasy XI
8. EA SPORTS™ Fight Night Round 3
9. PGR3
10. Lost Planet Demo

(Courtesy of majornelson.com)

Xbox 360 Setups

If you would like, feel free to email us your Xbox 360 setup (how your xbox is hooked up to your tv, whether it be a large plasma screen or a small 10" tv.) we would love to see how you guys are enjoying your new consoles and we will post these pics on the site within a few days.

Get Involved!!!

We know this podcast hasn't been very "user friendly" and we would like to have our listeners to become more involved. Leave us a comment or an email and tell us what you want on the show and the website. I am working on a new set of forums and I will try and add more as time goes on. If you have any great ideas, please feel free to ask us and we will do our best to try and make it possible.


Website Issues

If you havent noticed, we are having some major problems with the site. I am trying to get everything back that was lost. Please be patient and I will have this issues fixed soon.


Halo 3 Announced!

If you didn't already know, there is a trailer for the upcoming Xbox 360 title: Halo 3. This is a 2 minute and 30 second trailer that is worth the wait.

Click here to the Bungie.net website


New Forums...

I know that the current 360 Talk Forums aren't to great, so I am currently working on a brand new forum that will be much better for everyone. It's taking me a while to work on them because I have been busy these last few weeks. Expect to have them out within a couple of weeks.


360 Talk Roundtable Update!

Hey There Guys...

This is a 360 Talk Update!

First of all; we now have a blog on SeaTag.com and here is the link This is the 360 Talk SeaTag Blog!

The second update is that the roundtable will be at 10:00 PM on May 12th!

This is so all of our Guests can make it to the Table...Our Guests include Liquilife and Anjo Banjo of Seatag.com and Mokeyboy - our most loyal listener who will have a place of honor when we get our new forums!

Just wanted to let you guys know all this. Ask us about being on an upcoming episode! Thanks guys I'll Cya all!

--Phantom Gett


360 Talk Episode #9

After much delay, episode #9 is finally out. In this show we have some big news, and a new segment: the idiot of the week. This show is definitely worth listening to and a big thanks to G-Lewis for making our new intro music.

Download -- Show Notes


Episode #9 Has Been Recorded!

Thats right everyone! We're finially back and burning strong! We have just recorded the next episode and we have some editing to do, but still an awesome show!

This was my first show back, No Guest Hosts, but we do have a surprise for you! You'll find out and we're sure you'll love it!

It'll be out soon! so sit tight! We rule! Thanks to Sharpshot15 for editing!

Enjoi Guys! Coming soon...